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Test standards

Our services include testing according to the standards listed below. Our extensive equipment also enables us to meet the requirements of many other standards. Please contact us if you cannot find in our list the standard you are looking for.

Separation of particles:
DIN EN 1822
DIN 71460-1
EN 779
ISO 10263-2
ISO 11155-1
ISO 14269-4
ISO 16890 (Flat Sheets)

Separation of gaseous pollutants:
ASHRAE 145.1
DIN 71460-2
DIN EN 12941
DIN EN 14387
DIN EN 15695-2
ISO 10121
ISO 11155-2

Characterisation of adsorber material:
ASTM D1511-12
ASTM D2854-96
ASTM D2867-17 (Oven Drying Method)
ASTM D3466-06
ASTM D3802-10
ASTM D5158-98
ASTM D5742-16

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